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This ain't your regular arcade air hockey. Get ready to play air hockey like you've never played before. It takes determination and good reflexes to defend your goal from the speedy puck in this game. Play against five different computer opponents or you and a friend can battle it out on your choice of 15 unique tables, many of which have nifty pinball and fantasy features to liven things up!



Standard Table Screenshot
Standard table screenshot (640x480, 70K)

Hexed Table Screenshot
Hexed table screenshot (640x480, 123K)

Double Trouble Table Screenshot
Double Trouble table screenshot (640x480, 45K)

More screenshots will be added as they become available.



  • Realistically modeled physics so it feels like you're playing the real thing
  • 15 different tables, some with pinball features like bumpers and gates, some with fantasy features like teleporters
  • Five different computer opponents, each with their own playing styles and skills
  • Play against your friends over a local area network or modem
  • Your choice of overhead or front view of the table
  • Tournament play to challenge your skills and endurance



überhocken is currently in development and will be available for Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Stay tuned for updates on its progress.


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