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Food Chain is a strategy-board game based on the delicate balance of nature, where cartoon creatures must eat one another in order to survive. You control the fate of the creatures in this turn-based game of predator and prey by deciding who will eat and who will be eaten. Easy to learn, but difficult to master, Food Chain will keep you coming back for more!


Apple Design Award
Winner of Apple Design Award for Best Macintosh User Experience

1st Annual GDC Independent Games Festival
Finalist in 1st Annual GDC Independent Games Festival

Kids Domain Gold Award
Kids Domain Gold Award Winner



Food Chain Screenshot
Screenshot (640x480, 75K)



  • Filled with lively animation consisting of over 1500 hand-drawn cartoon frames
  • Lots of great sound effects
  • Addictive, thought-inducing game play
  • Low system requirements, so you can play it while doing tasks in the background, such as downloading from the Internet
  • Fun for all ages


...shows all the polish you'd expect from one of the longer standing Mac software houses, and in some areas even exceeds the Macintosh gamer's (always high) expectations...
...unlike anything I have seen before ...challenging and a joy to play...

MacNN: The Review of the most unique games of this genre to come along in years...

MacNow Magazine
...When was the last time you found a low cost, high quality game that not only has a high replay value, but which anyone in the family would enjoy playing?...

ATPM to play and humorous to watch...

1984 Online
...I was hooked from the moment I played it...great for the whole family...

My Mac Online
...Truly innovative and original!...What is the most amazing thing about the game is the price!...


Mac 68k Games
...this game is a must buy for the gamer who wishes to have a challenge of earning the most points...



Food chain will be released soon through a third-party publisher (more information will be available shortly). Both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh (including OS X) versions will be available.


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